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November 19, 2018

Give Ambassador Zurab a platform to respond to your stupid accusations

WorldTourismWire has been receiving many responses. They include an avalanche of praise and once in a while some criticism. Two out of many letters received today criticizing us:

One was submitted by a former employee at UNWTO. He or she  told us today:
You may also want to look into the unethical practices….  You may want to seek out former UNWTO  employees … to tell you he is not who he projects himself to be.  (we left names and specific details out for right now)

A member of the  Global Business Travel Association claiming he was from Zimbabwe was traced to Europe or Georgia told WorldTourismWire today.

Ambassador Zurab Pololikashvili is a very credible person and has all the relevant skills to take the UNWTO to higher levels without a problem. You are campaigning and doing PR for Mzembi and it’s seriously ridiculous. Playing unnecessary political games. Losers. Go hang!

Give Amb. Zurab a platform to respond to your stupid accusations.
Some of us have been involved in very high-level meetings and we get invited to expensive dinners, football matches etc, that is not vote buying, many of us after enjoying, we vote who ever we want.
You think all those people who attended the football match, are so broke they voted on being given a ticket??? you suck!!

Of course, WorldTourismWire would never think candidate or delegate are so broke not to afford a football ticket. But this is not the issue here.

We would love to have Ambassador Zurab Pololikashvili respond to us and utilize our platform.
We reached out to him ever since he became a delegate and when we did, we had no reason to suspect any issues with his candidacy.

We only received one response from ambassador Zurab Pololikashvili. The Georgian Embassy sent us a PDF file the multi step plan by the ambassador candidate.

The next day, on December 20, 2016 we published an article entitled:
Georgia reveals multi-step plan for UNWTO’s future (click)

All future requests for interviews were not responded to. We tried by email, letter, and phone. We also approached the Georgia stands at every single travel industry trade show eTN attended – no response.

Ambassador Zurab had never attended a press conference, nor any relevant public events or trade shows so we could have approached him for questions  We would love to hear from you ambassador Zurab! 


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