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June 20, 2018

Publisher Calls it Time Out – looking forward to UNWTO’s General Assembly

As Publisher, Juergen Steinmetz issued an open letter to WorldTourismWire readers today.
The letter reads:
I have supported  World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) for more than two decades. The upcoming 22nd General Assembly is a critical time for our world tourism leaders, countries and stakeholders know as associated members to come together during extraordinary times.
In the last week, between multiple ongoing hurricanes, and an earthquake wreaking havoc on iconic destinations, it is a reminder to us all how very fragile our tourism industry is.
Between global unrest, uncertain times and mother nature, it is sobering for us as an industry to grapple with how swiftly any tourism destination can suffer, with enormous work and resources needed to recover.
Chengdu, China will be a General Assembly with multiple issues, perhaps many we have not experienced before. We need to come prepared to problem solve, to contribute and to participate on a level that is unprecedented.
Personally, I’m very much looking forward to the extended UNWTO family gathering together in Chengdu next week.

It will be an assembly of nations with much to discuss, old friends catching up, making new acquaintances, building bridges, seminars, debates, and of course, there is also the Secretary-General election.
eTurboNews and our various publication unlike the majority of other travel and tourism media, we do investigate situations or issues, we don’t just publish press releases.
We do have opinions and will publish our own views, or voices who want to join a conversation. This stems from decades in the travel and tourism trenches, with a passion for our industry, and also for UNWTO.
None of our UNWTO election coverage was personal, we published every election article with a view to watch dogging the UNWTO community up to the highest, most pristine, unimpeachable standards possible.
Which is exactly how the  UNWTO has always functioned: With dignity, the highest standards, and ethics.
This election should not, must not, change that. I consider everyone in our industry to be a colleague, if not a friend. If we have been critical recently of individuals or our UNWTO in articles, it comes from a position of caring passionately about the future of our industry.
We all know the top post within our UNWTO is of vital importance. The Secretary-General position is not for weak knees or a faint heart. It takes great heart, courage, intelligence and very strong, capable hands to guide our industry through modern day, ongoing turbulent times. As an industry, we are depending on delegates to vote very wisely next week.
Having said that, with the opening of UNWTO’s General Assembly in China just days away, we will be taking a time out from the election reporting.
Let’s all take a breather, make our way to Chengdu and make the most of gathering together, planning together, exchanging ideas together and moving forward together, for the greater good of our global industry.
Travel safely to Chengdu!
With sincere regards,
Juergen Steinmetz

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