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November 28, 2021

Taking Morocco Tourism to the next level

The Morocco Ministry of Tourism is hard at work creating a strong foundation for its industry. From accommodations to travel agencies, from tour guides to regulations, every link is being forged into a strong tourism value chain.

The Tourism Minister of Morocco, Lahcen Haddad, is rising up to meet the changing desires of tourists and their expectations in the areas of technology, social media, and cultural/eco-tourism offerings. To meet these challenges, Vision 2020 sets out a map to achieve innovative and competitive tourism for the country.

Support and guidance

The Tourism Ministry is providing support and guidance so as to benefit from financial support mechanisms, technically-designed and tailor-made to meet the development needs of tourist facilities. By setting a reference standard, this provides a marker to follow and improve the quality of services.

Tourism stakeholders are able to enjoy a personalized agenda, and pick labels and certifications that are adapted to enhance the attractiveness and strengthen their particular market position. They benefit from a coaching ground for any renovation, expansion, or upgrading of a tourist establishment.

Synergy and cohesion

Tourism representatives can also take advantage of the synergy and cohesion of membership benefits to the National Federation of Hotel Industry and Industry Regional Associations Hoteliere and exchange experiences with industry professionals. Through networking opportunities, they receive coaching and mentoring, and have a good representation of themselves to present before public bodies.

The year 2020 may sound far off into the future, but in reality, it is just three-and-a-half years away from now. As the Morocco Ministry of Tourism continues to roll out Vision 2020, it is moving forward and taking Morocco tourism to the next level.

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