Carol Bellam, Chair of the UNWTO Children’s Network has a message to share

Carol Bellam is chair of the UNWTO Children’s Network

eTN publisher Juergen T Steinmetz had represented the global media on this network for many years. Carol is explaining the role of our Network in addressing the pressing challenges of child protection in tourism on this video.

The video was shot on the occasion of the 17th meeting of the World Committee on Tourism Ethics held in April in Madrid

Carol Bellamy briefed the Ethics Committee oat ITB 2016 and expressed the need to harness the great potential of expertise and best practices championed by the members of the ExCom.

The findings of the Global Study were also conveyed to the Ethics Committee members so they would be able to engage into more research-based advocacy within their respective sectors.

The facts and figures outlined in the Global Study are currently being shared with tourism ministers globally through UNWTO Regional Commission meetings, which should hopefully instigate political decision makers to undertake more concrete preventive actions within their countries.