Closing speech: WTTC Global Summit in Dallas, President & CEO, David Scowsill,

In closing the WTTC Global Summit in Dallas, President & CEO, David Scowsill, called on the Travel & Tourism sector to show the leadership required to keep people travelling despite concerns over security and the movement of refugees.

“The boundaries which we are trying to break become the borders that others are trying to build,” he said. “Let’s go further than we have ever gone before in championing and resolving the big issues of our age. Let’s claim the leadership position.” Travel & Tourism accounts for almost 10% of world GDP and one in eleven of all jobs on the planet, making it a powerful contributor to the global economy. “I see a sector that is growing at a higher rate than world GDP. One that is creating jobs. And one that is committed to the stewardship of the world’s natural resources. In an uncertain world driven by conflict, fear, climate change and resource scarcity, it is our sector to which governments can look for economic certainty”, he said.

“Which other industry can be invited into the world’s great powerhouses and provide sought after advice in the fields of sustainability, innovation, job creation, and economic generation?” he asked.” “It is now the role of world leaders to step up to harness the opportunities of Travel & Tourism and for the leaders of our sector to embrace that opportunity.” “The key issue we have addressed is the implication for freedom to travel of the twin threats of terrorism and the movement displaced peoples. Global problems require a global response. That is why we welcome the challenge laid down by the US Government for the public and the private sectors to work together, to improve radically inter-agency cooperation and the sharing of information across the world.”

The WTTC Global Summit had seen contributions from over 60 people over the course of two days as Travel & Tourism leaders discussed the pressing issues affecting the sector today – notably safety & security, sustainability, and the influence of recent geopolitical shifts and technological developments. The 2016 WTTC Global Summit was hosted by Dallas CVB, with invaluable support from Brand USA, Dallas Fort Worth International Airport, Mexico Tourism Board, Sabre, Texas One,, United Airlines and the US Travel Association. Next year, the WTTC Global Summit will take place from 26-27 April 2017 in Bangkok, hosted by the Ministry of Tourism and Sports of Thailand and endorsed by the Royal Thai Government.