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May 15, 2021

Archives for May 2021

World Health Organization alarm: COVID will be more deadly

The World Health Organization (WHO) Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus announced a bleak warning today about the COVID coronavirus as it and its variants tromps its way into year two. – eTurboNews | Trends | Travel News Online | Continue reading: https://eturbonews.com/2995300/world-health-organization-alarm-covid-will-be-more-deadly/

A trend to reopen global tourism set after the United States drops masks and physical distancing for vaccinated people

US Centers for Disease Control and Protection says people fully vaccinated against COVID-19 can resume their pre-pandemic activities without wearing a mask or staying 6 feet apart. – eTurboNews | Trends | Travel News Online | Continue reading: https://eturbonews.com/2995237/a-trend-to-reopen-global-tourism-set-after-the-united-states-drops-masks-and-physical-distancing-for-vaccinated-people/

Brand USA plans for International Travel to the United States

Brand USA today invited to a webinar to give a State of International Travel and Tourism. Listen to tourism leaders like Isabell Hill to share the new normal in relaunching American Travel – eTurboNews | Trends | Travel News Online | Continue reading: https://eturbonews.com/2995189/brand-usa-plans-for-international-travel-to-the-united-states/

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