Dr. Walter Mzembi: Happy with both my footprints at Tourism and Foreign Affairs

Dr. Walter Mzembi was of the most known and respected Minister or Tourism representing one of the most controversial governments when he ran as a candidate for UNWTO Secretary-General last year representing the government of Zimbabwe.
The word is still out among many, Dr. Mzembi was the most qualified UNWTO candidate but couldn’t win because of the government he represented.

The government he represented under ex-president Robert Mugabe was on the “ignore and no talk list” for many countries in the world, and after a soft military takeover in November, this Southern African country has a new face.

Elections are in the pipeline and the new administration has been trying hard to silence those involved with the former regime. Many former public servants were ousted from their political party, others were harassed in many different ways.

A report today in one of Zimbabwe’s most followed online tabloids Zimeye suggests that Mzembi may at the end of this week reenter the political fray on the MDC Alliance ticket led by the 40 year old Advocate and former Minister of ICT in the inclusive government of 2009-13, Mr Nelson Chamisa . Speculation is rife that Mzembi may follow his G40 comrades who recently met Mr Chamisa and seemingly have joined the Alliance to try and fight back at the new regime that unceremoniously dumped them after the exit of Robert Mugabe through a soft coup that installed his former vice president, and now President , Emmerson Mnangagwa.

However, when eTN contacted Dr. Mzembi for a comment he denied any talks with the MDC Alliance.

Whilst very respectful of the MDC Alliance President, Adv Nelson Chamisa whom he says he worked very closely within the inclusive government of 2009- 2013, and referring to him affectionately as” my young brother “, Mzembi says he has not joined the MDC Alliance and is not contemplating such action ahead of 2018 harmonised elections.

Joining them is the quickest and easiest route for me to retain my Parliamentary Constituency, but I am not available for elective politics in 2018, and I will not make such far-reaching decisions at this stage.

Joining a political party or alliance is a nuptial decision, a covenant, and I don’t plunge that easily if I go in, it’s irrevocable, so I haven’t made that decision at all, hakusi kuchaya mapoto”

“There are various and numerous political constituents that are are trying to suck me back into politics by default ahead of 2018 harmonised elections ; let me restate that there is no superior persuasive argument to my pronounced position of 4 December 2017, which announced the beginning of an indefinite political sabbatical and a migration into business and more quality time for a family that “missed ” me during my 15 years of public service. Nothing has changed and readers and political followers are urged to refresh their memory by visiting my interview, done with the Daily News on the 4th of December, 2017. CLICK HERE

Dr. Mzembi’s message: I am still on my sabbatical dismissing MDC Alliance association as social media mischief and fake news.