Germany retains position as Europe’s No.1 Travel & Tourism economy

Germany has retained its position as Europe’s largest Travel & Tourism economy, according to new research released by the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) today.

The research shows that Germany’s Travel & Tourism sector contributed €348.1 billion to the country’s economy in 2017. This was ahead of the United Kingdom, France, Italy and Spain.

Gloria Guevara, President & CEO, WTTC, said “Travel & Tourism creates jobs, drives economic growth and helps build better societies. This is particularly the case in Germany, the largest travel economy in Europe and the third in the world.

“The data also shows that tourism in Germany grew by 1.7% in 2017. This compares to 9.8% growth in China, 6.2% in the United Kingdom, 7% in Spain, and 5.5% in Canada. This implies that Germany is not getting its fair share of growth as other countries are increasing their tourism at a faster rate. In fact, our research shows that by 2028, India will overtake Germany for the world number three position.

“This means there is a huge opportunity for Germany to grow tourism to increase jobs and exports. According to recent WTTC research, Travel & Tourism employs more people in Germany than automotive manufacturing, banking, chemicals and financial services; so the tourism sector is the best partner Germany can have in creating new jobs. It is important that the Government puts our sector at the heart of decision making so I welcome the recent indication by Chancellor Merkel at ITB Berlin that a senior ministerial appointment for tourism will be made.

Highlights of the report released today show:

In total Travel & Tourism supported 6.1 million jobs in 2017, rising to over 6.5 million jobs by 2028, representing 15% of all German employment
The travel sector contributed €348.1 billion to the German economy in 2017
Germany is the 3rd largest travel economy in the world
The travel sector grew by 1.7% in 2017

“Globally, 2017 was one of the strongest years of GDP growth in a decade. Our sector now supports one in ten jobs on the planet and contributes 10% of global GDP. Over the past ten years, one in five of all jobs created across the world has been in the sector and, with the right support from Governments, nearly 100 million new jobs could be created over the decade ahead.”