How Georgia detects genuine human emotions to promote Tourism?

The country of Georgia has developed Artificial Intelligence that detects genuine human emotions in social media and has created the most accurate guidebook based on the posts by 7,000,000+ tourists.

During 6 months of intense work, a complex Artificial Intelligence tool was detecting, analyzing and sorting the most genuine human emotions through social media posts of more than 7,000,000 travelers, who shared their impressions about Georgia. These were then used to create the most emotional and accurate guidebook of the country.

The campaign, ‘Emotions are Georgia’, was launched on July 18th, 2018 by Georgian National Tourism Administration (GNTA). At the event, both printed and interactive digital versions of the guidebook were presented.

“Georgia is famous for its hospitality. We love sharing our country with our guests and they, in return, enjoy sharing photos and stories of their journey. These are straightforward, heartfelt and uncensored “reviews”, written not by professional travel writers, but by regular tourists – travelers from all around the world, who’ve actually visited our country.”

Giorgi Chogovadze, Head of Georgian National Tourism Administration

“The main feature of the web-platform is the option to GENERATE YOUR OWN GUIDEBOOK of Georgia. By giving the website access to your basic Facebook information or by simply answering some quick questions, the website analyzes not just your interests, but finds similarities and matches them with the interests of the posts authors, generating the most relevant guidebook for you.”

Vato Kavtaradze, Chief Creative Officer of WINDFOR’S Communication

In 2017, the number of international visitors of Georgia increased by 1,182,534 compared to the previous year and exceeded the record-breaking number of 7 million. One of the reasons for this is the previous collaboration of GNTA and WINDFOR’S. The campaign #emotionsareGeorgia aims to result even more growth in international tourism.