I am a fugitive, but I’m touched: Zimbabwe Foreign Minister Walter Mzembi speaks to eTN

Dr. Walter Mzembi, Foreign Minister of Zimbabwe is a fugitive. In response and within hours the Global Tourism Family is coming together today after a military intervention in Zimbabwe caused confusion, arrests, and uncertainty.

The current foreign minister for Zimbabwe had the post of the Tourism Ministry for many years.
From an undisclosed location Minister Mzembi told eTN publisher Juergen Steinmetz:

“I just got a surprise solidarity call from UNWTO Secretary-General Taleb Rifai and Hon Charles Banda of Zambia. I am touched by the expression of empathy and sympathy for my well-being and that of my family under these difficult circumstances. It really got to the bottom of my heart that a country I carried the cross for most recently in the UNWTO elections could be seeking to create a fugitive out of me! I trust that wisdom will prevail in the name of diplomacy to amicably end this crisis to the satisfaction of all.”

In the meantime the International Coalition of Tourism Partners (ICTP) calls for support for the Hon. Dr Walter Mzembi, Foreign Minister of Zimbabwe.

ICTP is a non-political organization promoting Green Growth and Quality equals business.

eTN President Professor Geoffrey Lipman said: “We are watching current events in Zimbabwe, independently and objectively, with no partisan interest.

However, we do know those strange things happen in uncertain times and we want to go on record for the well being of Walter Mzembi – until recently a very active Tourism Minister and latterly Foreign Minister of Zimbabwe.

We have known and admired Dr. Mzembi for years and have watched as he has traveled the globe representing his country with skill, dignity, and pride, most recently in an honorable quest for Secretary General of UNWTO.

We call on the global travel community to join us in our best wishes and support for our friend Walter and his family.”

The founder and president of the International Institute for Peace Through Tourism, Mr. Louis D’Amore also related his concern and wishes for the Mzembi family.

Mzembi responded: “I am really touched.”