International Coalition of Tourism Partners President on Trump’s Paris Climate announcement

The International Coalition of Tourism Partner (ICTP) President and SUNx Co-founder, Geoffrey Lipman, responded to US President Donald Trump’s announcement regarding the pull-out of America from the Paris Climate Agreement, by saying, “The Emperor has no clothes.”

He further stated:

“Donald Trump’s announcement on the Paris Climate Agreement is an attack on humanity. We spend too much time in the Travel and Tourism sector repeating the same mantras about our sector being a force for good.

“Today, we have a clarion call to put our money where our mouth is and use our strength to resist planetary bullying.

“It’s time to stand up to actions designed to benefit the rich few at the cost of everyone else.

“We should stand behind French President Macron’s clear call to stay the course on the Paris Climate Agreement.

“We created SUNx to help the sector respond to eXistential Climate Change. We intend to use our voice to resist Donald Trump’s self-serving policy approach to the future of humanity.

“If you agree please let me know. [email protected]