Jamaica conference to address the role of tourism in employment creation and inclusive growth

UNWTO, the Government of Jamaica, the World Bank Group and the Inter-American Development Bank will co-host a Conference on Jobs and Inclusive Growth on 27-29 November in Montego Bay, Jamaica. Under the theme ‘Partnerships for Sustainable Tourism’, the event will assess and discuss the future of the sector in the Caribbean, particularly in view of the impacts of natural disasters such as the recent hurricane Irma.

The summit aims at identifying successful models and future initiatives of public-private partnerships (PPPs) that will contribute to sustainable tourism development globally. It will also serve as a platform for leaders from the tourism sector, along with governments, donors and development and finance organizations, to put in place an international road map to promote inclusive economic and social development through tourism.

The Conference will commence with an introductory session on the future of tourism in the Caribbean region.

“Tourism has the potential to contribute to all 17 Sustainable Development Goals, yet we can only achieve our common objectives if we build strong partnerships. The Jamaica Conference will be a milestone in setting a new framework for collaboration in the promotion of sustainable tourism and an important legacy of the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development 2017” said UNWTO Secretary General Taleb Rifai.

Over 100 speakers will share their experience and knowledge during the three-day event.

The first day will cover themes such as:

– Tourism and Sustainability – Threats, Risks, Opportunities and Challenges

– Current Trends in Indigenous Tourism

– Talent Development and Human Capital Trends

– Community Tourism

– Tourism Networks: Creating Linkages, Reducing Leakages

– Science, Technology and Innovation in Tourism and

– Caribbean Tourism

On the second day, plenary sessions will guide the discussions. The first will focus on ‘Collaborating for Success – Public/Private Engagement Mechanisms for Tourism Development and Growth’, where ministers and CEOs will share their experiences on the keys, pitfalls and myths to successful collaboration between the public and private sector on tourism development. Collaboration and partnership models in such areas as infrastructure, development finance, large-scale asset management and service delivery will be addressed extensively.

The second round table will serve to facilitate exchanges by sector leaders on the emerging trends and predicted key drivers of destination development over the next ten years. Emphasis will be placed on how sustainable tourism partnerships can contribute to job creation, connectivity and inclusive growth.

The last day of the conference will look into the issues of:

– Technical Assistance and Financing,

– Donor Funded Programs that Balance Scale, Sustainability and Inclusion,

– Successful Models of Destination Management;

– Education, Training & Innovation and

– Cozumel – Partnerships in Action.

The Conference is organized by the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), the Ministry of Tourism of Jamaica, the World Bank Group and the Inter-American Development Bank, in collaboration with the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC), the Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Association, the Caribbean Tourism Organization, Chemonics International and the George Washington University.