Restarting Somali Tourism: UNWTO discussion at World Conference on Tourism and Culture Oman

HE Abdirahman Omar Osman (Eng. Yarisow), the Minister of Information, Culture & Tourism of the Federal Republic of Somalia attends the Second UNWTO/UNESCO World Conference on Tourism & Culture which is taking place in Muscat, the Sultanate of Oman 11 – 12 December 2017. Minister Eng. Yarisow today met the Secretary-General of thw World Tourism Organization, Talib Rifai.

Minister Eng. Yarisow is accompanied with Mr Yasir Baffo, Advisor on Tourism. Somali Ambassador to the Sultanate of Oman HE Abdirizak Farah Ali Taano welcomed the delegation at Muscat.

The issues discussed included the conference on tourism and culture and the plans to revive Somali tourism.

Minister Eng. Yarisow stated that “Somalia is strategically located in the Horn of Africa and its people are born natural hospitable. Somalis are resilient and entrepreauners which are all assets that can quickly revive the tourism industry in the country. There are over 150 travel agencies in Somalia as well as a number of locally owned airliners that attract a number of travelers each day as the country is getting peace and stability. International flights and regional carriers flights regularly travel to Somalia such as Turkish Airline, Fly Dubai, Al-Arabia, Air Djibouti and Ethiopian Airline are all international airliners that go to Somalia.

Somalis in the Diaspora also visit the country with their families and the Ministry of Information, Culture & Tourism encourages the Diaspora to attract their friends to visit Somalia in order to experience the huge progress that the country is making every day.

Minister Eng. Yarisow concluded “Somalia has a number attractive tourism places throughout the country and the weather of Somalia is perfect for tourists throughout the year. We are here to share our plans and strategies to revive tourism in Somalia as well as learning from other countries on how they overcome the challenges that we face in Somalia.”