UNWTO SG right-hand man: Mussalim Afandiyev from Azerbaijan – the cleaner

This is a report on UNWTO Secretary-General Zurab Pololikashvili right-hand man, Mr. Mssalim Afandiyev.

eTurboNews received an email from a person with an official position in the UNWTO system.
Since the time is critical to keep delegates attending the ongoing UNWTO General Assembly in Saint Petersburg informed, we decided to publish this letter in a raw, unedited format.

We checked with other sources and were able to confirm the general concerns raised in this letter is similar to concerns reported to us over time.

UNWTO has never responded to any eTN questions, emails or LinkedIn messages since Secretary General Zurab Pololikashvili took office. We have little hope of a response this time but are trying, knowing UNWTO blocks our emails. There is literarily no information available on social media on Mussalim Afandiyev.

The information in this letter is the opinion of the writer of the letter and based on information the writer experienced. It’s not based on verified research by a reporter of this publication.

Letter to the editor

Dear friend,
Please allow me to keep my anonymity.

I have read your news about the information hidden by the secretary-general.

I am surprised because I haven’t read anything about the case of Mussalim Afandiyev. 

Mr. Afandiyev is the right-hand man of the SG into UNWTO headquarters. He is the executor of the oppression measures of the secretary-general on the officials of the organization.

He started at UNWTO as a service contract on loan of his country. He earned 4000€ / month. In one year (2019) he went from a service contract position (external worker) in the Europe program to an official position (category P5), € 8000 / month. Now he is “Director of reforms”, it is a new position created to adapt to him. This is one of the highest position in the organization.

He is a closer friend of Ms.Tayen and Mr.Pololikashvili.

The hiring of Mr. Afandiyev was absolutely embarrassing.
He is a relative of senior politicians in the Azerbaijani government. Mr. Afandiyev harassed several officials, made disciplinary dismissals without any humanity or education.