UNWTO leader Cuthbert Ncube appointed VP African Tourism Board

Cuthbert Ncube, the World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) regional vice-president was appointed today as the Vice President of the African Tourism Board

Mr. Ncube is based in Pretoria, South Africa. In his initial welcome statement to African Tourism Board members, Mr. Ncube said:

“For the past decade, Africa has exhibited strong Tourism growth. New growth momentum has been established, but headline economic growth is not enough. Deliberate policies to reduce inequalities and promote Regional inclusion are now needed more than ever before.

The process of renewal is ceaseless. It is as a fountain that keeps flowing no matter how ill-prepared or prepared the benefactors may be. It is constantly and persistently in motion, regardless of time, season or place.

The winds of change are ever blowing. Not only across Africa, but throughout the World. Africa therefore, as the incubator of all life cannot afford to drag her feet nor find herself out of sync with current trends. Africa must, therefore, spearhead the processes of renewal in view of the boundless resources at her disposal. From natural resources to Human Resources, gold, diamond, and all flora and fauna, we are the custodians and have it all.

We are the dream Tourist destination of the World. In as much as there is splendor in the great historical monuments of the Greco-Roman era. Africa boasts of living attractions. Satiation for the Tourist appetites. The thrill of the game parks, that offer days of camp out in the African Wilderness.

The starlit skies that offer an intriguing get away from the hustle and bustle of city life. The stretches of the African plans, whether be it on the Okavango Delta, or the Masai plains, or the jungles of the Hwange Game reserve or the great Kruger National park. All these sites offer what cannot be paralleled elsewhere.

We are the living Tourist destination of the World.

However, let me hasten to highlight our challenges. In as much as the natural offerings of our continent may be great, the package of our continent leaves a lot to be desired. There is no country in this continent that is still under colonial rule, and yet we are still struggling with issues such as greed and gluttony such as was found in our oppressors, who had all grounds to feel so, as they were fully aware of the fact that they were plundering what was not theirs.

We, on the other hand, have all the rights to take care of all our resources as they are ours and our progeny. It is time to learn the hard lesson that, our Africa has more than enough for our time and the times ahead if only we learn to only use what we need now.

We are heavily polarised by what the colonialists have worked hard to destroy after discovering its incapacitating effects. As a continent, we are so hopelessly fragmented such that, we are not even ready to move into the levels of economic competitiveness that can warranty our stake in the world economic playing field. We are still inhibited by foreign policies that are a legacy of colonialism.

We are fully open to foreign Tourists and yet very suspicious of our domestic clients. Inter boarder relations within our continent, therefore, must be repackaged, be user-friendly Both by a domestic and international clientele.

Africa must be accessible and affordable to its people and by its people. It is time to break away from this culture of colonial seclusions and embrace the culture of a free Africa.

Being part of the African Tourism Board I am advocating for a new way of  We are a prime Tourist destination.

Therefore, a Brotherhood of African states is the best legacy that we can live in and leave behind. Tourism sector as one of the key economic drives, thereby increasing Tourism contribution to the Region’s domestic product. It is time to reunite our strength and unite our resolve. It is time to move as one for the unfailing outcome. Now is the time to speak with one voice. Let the walls of separation fall and let bridges spun the divide. We are one and we are Africa.”

Cuthbert Ncube is the current Regional Vice President of the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) and the Chief Executive Director of Kwela Fleet Management, South Africa and Golden Feathers Lodge in Cape Town. He has over 20 years’ experience in business leadership and business development, including his role as the regional vice president of the UNWTO.

In 2013 Kwela Fleet Management was accepted as an Affiliate Member to the United Nations World Tourism Organisation which is an organ of the United Nations. In the same year of 2013 during the United Nations World Tourism Organisation General Assembly in Zambia, Mr. Ncube was elected as the Regional Vice – President of the United Nations World Tourism Organisation Affiliate Members – Africa and also serves as a Board Member. He was re-elected in September 2015 at the Plenary Session of the United Nations World Tourism Organisation General Assembly in Madeline Columbia, 2017 saw him being re-elected again in London during the Plenary Session as he is serving his 3rd  term.

Cuthbert’s areas of expertise include strategic management, business development, International Relations, Cooperate Governance, and customer service. He also has other business interests in the tourism industry including journalism and brand management.

Before getting involved in his current profession, Cuthbert maintained affiliation with all key role player of Africa Tourism Industry including Cape Town Tourism, the Durban Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Africa Tourism Partners and RETOSA. He also collaborates with other African tourism experts to create economic development opportunities for Africans, particularly, in tourism, travel, and hospitality. He currently serves on numerous boards.

Kwela Fleet Management was established in Pretoria in 1996 providing services across all the major provinces and cities in South Africa including Eastern Cape, Western Cape, KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng, and has its presence in Lisbon trading as Kwela Europa. It has a highly experienced and committed management team. Among the company’s clients are government departments, embassies, travel management companies and private.

African Tourism Board interim chairman Juergen Steinmetz said: “I am very happy to see Mr. Cuthbert Ncube bring in his ideas and wealth of knowledge into our new organization. It’s another great day for th African Tourism Board and an important next step for our ultimate goal to for Africa to become one tourist destination.”

More information on African Tourism Board and how to join go to www.africantourismboard.com