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November 28, 2021

World Travel & Tourism Council looks at how tourism Transforms our World to celebrate World Tourism Day

The World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) joins UNWTO in the celebration of World Tourism Day in Qatar to highlight the economic, social and environmental contribution of Travel & Tourism to sustainable development around the world.

Gloria Guevara, President & CEO, WTTC, said: “Travel & Tourism is a remarkable sector, it brings people from different backgrounds, culture and beliefs closer together, driving peace, in addition to the significant socioeconomic benefits to a country’s welfare and local livelihoods.

Travel & Tourism has a huge role to play in sustainable development, whilst on average global level the sector generates over 10% of the world’s GDP and supports 1 in 10 jobs, these figures can be, and often are, a lot higher and denser on local level. When done well, which means growing Travel & Tourism in a sustainable and inclusive fashion, tourism is a catalyst for job creation, community development, environmental protection and economic growth.”

The strength and beauty of how Travel & Tourism can impact and change people’s lives in a positive way are encompassed in the stories in WTTC’s new campaign ‘Transforming our World’.

Transforming our World provides an insight into the stories of people that operate in Travel & Tourism and show how the sector has transformed their world or how they use tourism to transform other people’s worlds.

Guevara added: “I believe there is a real value in storytelling and as a sector this is something we can do better. Sharing a story is powerful, inspirational, and educational. Through our campaign I encourage other people and organisations within Travel & Tourism to share their story too.”

The current campaign stories, which come from WTTC’s Tourism for Tomorrow programme, cover the transformational stories of people in all corners of the world – including Botswana, China, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Kenya, Mexico, and USA – and cut across education, community, nature, and wildlife.

WTTC would love to hear how tourism has transformed your life, please share your story on: http://www.transformingour.world/awards/whats-your-story/
Visit the Transforming our World website here.
For more information on Tourism for Tomorrow, click here.

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